Sex Message 2


Have you ever fantasized – or even masturbated – while you were texting, instant messaging, or chatting with someone on line? Director Andrej Lupin’s “Sex Message Vol. 2″ explores exactly that situation: two beautiful women are engaged in a flirtatious chat, imaginations begin to run wild, and a fantasy comes to vivid, vibrant, and extremely explicit life. The first scene teams Chelsea Sun and Timea Bella. As their IM session gets heated Chelsea imagines that Timea is eating her pussy – a moment later that dream comes true. Chelsea proceeds to ravage her beautiful dream girl, eating and fingering her pussy, tonguing her ass, and bringing her to a final, powerful climax. Timea then gives Chelsea exactly what she’s been dreaming of: a non-stop session of clit-licking, frigging, rimming, and fingering that leaves her smiling, spent and satisfied. Rosaline Rosa and Eveline Neil’s session of texting takes a torrid ruen that finds the pair face to face for a romantic and enthusiastic fantasy that results in powerful comes for both beauties. Hanna Sweet and Blue Angel are next, and Blue pulls out all the stops in order to satisfy the fantasy desires of her gorgeous girlfriend. No nipple goes un-sucked, no clit-un-licked, no pussy un-pumped, and no ass un-tongued in their fevered encounter. In the final flesh-filled vignette Nataly Von and Aiko Bell are flirting and teasing each other via smartphone. When Nataly’s imagination makes Aiko magically materialize at her side they don’t waste a minute – soon they’re pleasuring each other with relentless intensity and deliciously orgasmic results. When Sex Message Vol. 2” calls you definitely need to pick it up!

Added on: September 7, 2017