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Nineteen College Girls Video Magazine 32


The Fifth Dimension (April/Roy Shaft) : a new house…mysterious voices behind a seemingly normal closet door. Could it possibly be a portal to another dimension…A fifth dimension!!! Find out what lurks behind the closet door…

Mr. Jenkins Daughter (Ariel/Kyle) : the boss called and wanted us to work through the weekend. I explained that my wife and I had plans. When he threatened to fire me, I had no choice. I had no idea that his daughter had turned into a stone cold fox. I tried to stay away from her, but when she came on to me, her sweet ass and body was just like a ripening schoolgirl’s. God help me! She was so fucking sweet! Plus, she was only 19…

Ten Ways to Keep Your Boyfrind Happy (Gia/Steve Taylor) : after a thorough study with research and input from over 1,000 viewers, we have come up a list of ten ways to keep you guys happy. Pay attention girls, this vignette’s for you! Fresh Gia with her hot, youthful energy demonstrates…

Homeless (Nina/Kayla) : I tried to be honest with mom, but she just didn’t care. My forbidden lesbian desires couldn’t remain secret anymore. She said she couldn’t live with someone like me. She wanted me out. I tried to stay with my girlfriend, but she still lived at home. My love for schoolgirl pussy has left me homeless.

Release Year: 2002

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