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Jane Bomb 2 – Thunderpussy


A new breed of movie: The action-sex-movie! After successful films like THE GARDEN OF LUST, THE RIDING SCHOOL series, DANGEROUS POTENCY, JANE BOMB, IN THE SIGN OF THE ARIES, DANGEROUS TEMPTATION, TEMPTATION HOUSE, POSSESSED BY SEX and EROTIC EDUCATION, Mike Beck and his crew Erik Fischer, Jacob Schmidt, Woody Bergman, Åke Gustavsson and Allan Andersen, have truly managed to combine two as popular but different film genres: Action film and sex film! JANE BOMB 1 was just a taste of what would come. JANE BOMB 2 is bigger and better in every way. More excitement, more action, more participants and more sex! A sex movie can’t be more close to a real movie than this, says director Mike Beck. Nothing like JANE BOMB 2 has ever been made before!

Release Year: 2005
Studio: N/A