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Incesti Italiani 10: La Sorella Di Papa


Luciano and his sister Letizia were studying and living together in Rome.
Luciano had a problem: he was a “sleepwalker”. His sister Letizia made used of the situation to fuck her brother as she thought he wouldn’t remember what happened when he woke up. Not knowing that Luciano had also capitalized on his sleepwalk and he knew exactly what happened and enjoyed every bit of it.

A long missing sister of Maurizio, Sara, turned up at his house one day asking him to take her in. She promised to take care of the house work in place of Maurizio’s long deceased wife. One morning, Sara told the father ands son that she knew all along tjhat they had spied on her and jacked off, and she offered to fuck them both…

Paula’s mom sent her to live with her cousin Mirco after her father walked out on them. Mirco accidentally read from Paula’s diary about how she spent a wonderful night with her boyfriend Nicola. Paula caught Mirco reading her diary and she decided to seduce him… When Paula’s mom called to check them out. Mirco told his aunt that it would be better if Paula stayed with him for good.

Release Year: 2005
Studio: Showtime