Friends & Lovers


A good friend is hard to find, unless that friend is Dawn, the drop dead gorgeous young woman who is living right next door. It’s the way she walks, the way she seductively swivels her hips and licks her lips that’s driving the neighborhood wild with her own brand of searing hot sexual energy. So it comes as no surprise that Dawn has a secret admirer, Brian, who is in a sizzling hot relationship of his own, now has an eye on his naughty new neighbor, and as things start to heat up, it gets very messy within their circle of friends. From those late-night blowjobs in the front driveway, to the steaming hot sexual rendezvous in the backyard garden, our Friends And Lovers know no limits in their wild, perverted and sinful pursuit of the perfect partner no matter who is in the house.

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Sin City