ErocktaVision 5: Girls’ Night In


Girls’ Night In

And the night continues…
Indulge your curiosity as Dana Dane’s Erockstars fuck and suck their way into your fantasies. Strap in as the Erockstars strap it on for Dana Dane’s hottest sex scenes yet.
Your erotic dreams come true as you ride the Erocktavision wave of unbridled passion until your back arches and your toes curl. Blending the hottest all-girl erotica, cutting-edge music and avant-garde music video cinematography, Dana Dane’s Erocktavision takes you deep into the real world of authentic sapphic sexuality.
Peep the Erockstars getting down and dirty as only they can in a multitude of amazing locations. This tantalizing trip takes you through two Erocktavision volumes. They got the party started in Girls’ Night Out leaving you begging for more… While Girls’ Night In will be sure to Erock your world! Scored to a spellbinding mix of pop, techno, house rock and rap, the girls get wet and wild with each other as they explore their lust for body paints, strap-ons and more.
Like a world class DJ instinctively working a room, Dana Dane weaves a virtual tapestry of kick-ass tunes and the hottest lesbian sex you have ever seen in this fifth Erocktavision escapade.

Added on: July 25, 2017