Beg For It Baby 13


Beg For It Baby 13. It is night. A car’s headlights are approaching us, blinding the viewer. The car stops, the driver’s door opens and in close up we see a boot as a man steps outside.In the kitchen of the WHORE HOUSE someone in the darkness breaks in and using a small light on his mobile looks around. We soon see that this is Hector, the thug from last week’s episode who had fucked maid Lara. He heads towards the lounge and looks about him. “Easy as a baby” he is heard to. say before a bottle crashes onto his skull and knocks him out cold. We see in the half-darkness a pair of red lips and a girl dressed in high boots and shiny PVC. This is Bella, J.J.’s domina friend (played by Hungarian porn starlet, NIKKY THORNE). She looks down at Hector, then calls for her assistant, Carla, as they have “work to do”.When the next scene opens we are in the Winter Garden and Hector (played by Czech stud, CHARLIE DEAN), is tied with his hands above his head to the ropes of the floating bed suspended from the ceiling. Waking up, the burglar demands he be released but Bella and Carla (played by Romanian star HONEY DEMON, returning to the porn biz in her first scene in over 4 years), have. other ideas. They ask him who he is but Hector refuses to talk. So Bella and Carla start their own kind of “punishment” – they unzip the stud’s humongous cock and get it nice and hard with a few strokes before starting to blow him. They warn that this will be no quick suckoff – they will suck and blow him all night if necessary and every time he gets close to cumming they will cool his cock and balls down with ice-cold water and then start all over again.NIKKY and HONEY set to work demonstrating their super cock-sucking skills. They double-tongue CHARLIE’s fat cock, they drool over it, try and. deep throat it, spit and drool saliva on it. The poor dude loves every minute and is desperate to fuck these bitches but they just laugh at him and suck some more. Finally, HONEY lays back on the bed and teases the hapless dude, playing with her new massive Double D tits and fingering her pussy. Hector is desperate to have a fuck. He finally admits his name and that he is a burglar but refuses to say more. Bella laughs and threatens to blow him for another hour, but relents and lets the stud burglar fuck Carla. He is released and falls on to the bitch, slamming his huge and almost exploding dick into her in a half-missionary position. The whore squeals with pleasure as he next rolls her aside and also gives Bella a fucking. Carla. wraps herself around him so that Hector can suck on her big breasts while fucking the other slut. The girls take turns sucking his cock. Next, he puts Carla into reverse cowgirl so that we can enjoy her huge tits bouncing up and down on his long, thick, shaft. With her jet black long hair and dark red lips, dressed in PVC and ultra-high heels, HONEY looks fantastic, every slave fetishist’s dream woman. Occasionally she gets off the foot long dick to suck and gorge on. CHARLIE’s whopping penis! Then he turns her around to face him cowgirl style. Now we can see the whole length of his shaft as he ploughs it into the bitch, hammer fucking the whore as she moans in delight. Finally, CHARLIE returns to NIKKY THORNE in spoons and the lucky dude has HONEY yanking out his cock from the wet pussy to suck on his knob as the two girls make the most of him.Finally CHARLIE moves to a standing position on the bed as NIKKY yanks on his cock giving him a superb handjob while red-lipped HONEY kneels below and begs that he unload his cum into her mouth .. But Bella still has questions and Hector admits that he works for a master criminal called “The Voice” who wants some land deeds hidden somewhere in the house. He also admits that messages to The Voice are conveyed through a man called “Edgar”. He dare not say more on pain of death. As Carla sucks on his nuts it becomes too much for the stud – who unleashes a stream of white-hot jism down the bitch’s throat!The scene cuts to the two girls in the kitchen looking hot in their fetish costumes both having a drink when J.J. arrives back from a long drive from Prague. He asks them about the. burglar they say they have captured. The girls say he is in the Winter Garden – sexually drained and exhausted. Naturally, he is surprised to hear that he has an enemy and can’t think why? But the name “Edgar” reveals a possibility. J.J. says his uncle’s lawyer who handled his Will was called Edgar Barynok. Bella reminds J.J. of an old saying – “Never Trust A Lawyer!”.

Release Year: 2021
Studio: Only3x