Bad Teens Punished 4


Bad Teens Punished Vol. 4
Bad girls get punished in a real good way!

Kristen’s stepfather confronts her about taking the car without permission. When begging doesn’t work, Kristen lifts her miniskirt to show that she’s not wearing underwear. After a spanking, he gives her a far more enjoyable ride!

Melissa tries to go to school without panties on, but her stepdad catches her and sends her upstairs. He goes to check on her and finds her masturbating! While giving her a spanking, he can’t resist the urge to touch her wet little pussy!

When Ashlee’s stepdad realizes that Ashlee and Joseline want to be together, he encourages them to grope each other’s tits while kissing. The girls want each other, but the chance for a threesome is too enticing to pass up!

Kristen stepdad learns that she’s wearing perfume to impress a boy. The he discovers that she’s not even wearing panties! When he realizes that his spankings are making Kristen super wet, he drivs two fingers into her tight twat.

Date: November 9, 2018

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